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Rinsing with saline solution is a time-honored practice in the Orient. Here in the West, the nasal wash has been used for decades as a means of treating sinus problems, colds, allergies, and post-nasal drip and to counteract the effect of environmental pollution. Those practicing yoga and other meditative disciplines use the nasal wash to ensure free air flow through both nostrils.

Uses for the Nasal Wash

For some people, the nasal wash is as routine as brushing their teeth. Others use it for specific purposes. Suggestions:

• Do the nasal wash to wake up, clear your nostrils, and start the day breathing freely.

• Use it to remove excess mucus when you are experiencing nasal congestion.

• Do it several times a day during the allergy season to rid the nostrils of pollen and other allergens.

• Use the nasal wash when you’ve been exposed to soot, dust, smoke, or other airborne contaminants.

• Use it to dissolve mucus build-up in dry climates or in air-conditioned or heated rooms, or after air travel.

• Do the nasal wash before practicing systematic relaxation techniques or meditation to help you breathe freely and easily through your nose.

Remember, the nasal wash is not a substitute for medical treatment. Anyone with chronic inflammation of the nasal passages or other ear, nose, or throat disorders should seek medical attention.

At The Essence of Health, WE LOVE NETI POTS! Although leary at first, our customers who give them a try come back raving about how they can finally breathe and their sinuses are clear.

Don't forget the salt.

Neti Pot Salt 8oz

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