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    General Wellness » Nutribiotic - Meta-C Buffered Vitamin C - 500mg - 100 Capsules


Meta-C is a unique form of vitamin C that is absorbed fasterthan regular vitamin C and maintains higher serum levels for longer periods of time with no intestinal discomfort.

Suggested Use

Food Matrix formed vitamin C with synergistic bioflavonoids and neutral pH, ideal for between meal or high dose therapeutic supplementation. Protein, lipids, glycoproteins, lipoproteins, nucleoproteins, (RNA/DNA), complex carbohydrates, phytopigments, flavonoids, enzymes, trace elements and fiber from phytoplankton in Meta-C create the advantage of taking vitamin C with a balanced meal. Protein and fiber from phytoplankton help to bind heavy metal oxidation promoters in the digestive tract, functioning as an antioxidant.

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