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- About The Essence of Health -


Education, Integrity, And Guidance

Our mission at The Essence of Health is to provide our customers with the education and information that they need to make the best choices for their nutritional supplement needs.


We know the right questions to ask that will help them to make appropriate choices. We are selective in the products we carry and with the manufacturers that make them. We will always carry the highest quality products at the best possible prices.

Image by Mike Marrah
Meet Our Owner?


Sharon Szukis,Store Owner & Manager

Sharon realized a lifelong dream in 2002 when she opened the doors of The Essence of Health in Duluth, MN. 


Her interest in natural healing took root 25 years ago as a result of years of perpetual candida infections that traditional physicians could not heal. Taking it upon herself to find a way to cure the candida, Sharon began a lifelong journey that gave birth to a passion for the study of nutrition and natural healing. 


A former teacher and business consultant, Sharon was able to begin to follow her dream when she was granted the opportunity to manage a natural foods store. Finally, the opportunity arose and The Essence of Health was born. 


Sharon's passion is to bring education and information to the public so that we can each take control of our health and well-being.



"Sharon and staff over the years have always answered my questions, been very understanding, and have been able to explain things in layman’s terms. They have wonderful customer service! So appreciate that they are here!!"

"I love Sharon and Stephanie. They are both very kind and helpful. The store is beautiful and smells great. The products are excellent."

"Essence of Health is a wonderful resource to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle! They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable! I highly recommend them!"

"Sharon knows so much and her products are top quality and work great!! This I know because I am taking numerous supplements and am getting healthier!! Any question I ask her in regards to what I need she has the answer and can walk over to the product and pull it off the shelf. She knows her products and there is nowhere else I would go to for the products and information I need. Also she’s very friendly and caring. Thanks Sharon!!"

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